Biometric Data for Your Eyetracking

- The Biometric Software Suite

Eye tracking is established as a method in the field of scientific and market research for a long time. However the eyetrackers can give little information about the internal state of persons looking at pictures and objects of interest. To do this, it is necessary to measure additional physiological parameters and to merge it with the eyetracker data.

The Biometric Software Suite has been developed in close partnership with the company Tobii, the leading manufacturer of eye-tracking systems.  With the help of the Biometric Software Suite it is possible to evaluate biometric data parallel to an eye-tracking study. This can be data such as skin resistance and pulse, as well as ECG, EEG and NIRS, the upcoming new technology for brain research.

A general purpose trigger module is used to mark points in the different data streams which are used for synchronization and merging of data. In this way it becomes transparent what is really going on when looking at the areas-of-interest: does the viewer feel stress due to unclear messages or does the messages raise positive emotions and associations? Based on the modular architecture of the SiDaLab concept numerous import and processing modules have been implemented into the Suite. Individual addons for your specific analysis methods can be created quickly and easily. An interface to the free analysis package R guarantees the reuse of many already established and available methods. Step  into a new dimension of eyetracking with the Biometric Software Suite.

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NEW: The Professional Edition of the Biometric Software Suite is now available. Biometric data analysis from recording to metric extraction. Read more