• Q: How do I upgrade to the Professional Edition of the Biometric Software Suite
    A: The Professional Edition needs a new license file which will be sent after purchasing the upgrade. Download the actual software package from the download area. The package is the same for all editions (Basic and Professional), only the license file enables the additional features of the Professional Edition.
  •  Q: Which fields from Tobii Studio have to be exported to successfully import the tsv-file into the Biometric Software Suite
     A: A .tsv file must at least contain the following fields if it is to be imported into the Biometric Software Suite:
    "LocalTimeStamp", "RecordingDate" and "RecordingTimestamp".
    Additional fields are optional.
  •  Q: Where can I find the manual?
     A: It is part of the distribution and can be found in the directory of the Biometric Software Suite on your computer. It is also available out of the running Biometric Software Suite from the help menu. The actual version of the manual is available for registered customers in the download area of this website.
  •  Q: How is the product distributed?
     A: The product is distributed on an USB-Stick for the first shipping. The actual version of the suite is available to registered customers in the download area of this website.
  •  Q: What operating system do I need?
     A: Because the software is written in Java, you may run it on any operating system, which supports the actual Java Virtual Machine. Please see java.com for support on Java and download of the actual runtime for your system. For the video export and the MultiSync trigger application you need a Windows operating system (Windows Vista or higher).
  •  Q: Where can I find information about what type of sync signals are supported?
     A: See our page of supported devices.
  • Q: Can I run Tobii Studio and Biometric Software Suite on the same PC?
    A: You can run all applications of the Biometric Software Suite together with Tobii Studio on the same machine or also on separate machines, if this fits better into your experiment design.
  • Q: The Variolab recording does not work. BSS receives no data. Is there a driver missing? Where can I find drivers for the Variolab system?
    A: Variolab is a product from Becker Meditec, so there is no official support from our side. But you can download drivers for the inbuild chip from the site http://www.ftdichip.com/Support/Documents/InstallGuides.htm without any guarantee from our side.