Biometric Software Suite

Version, 04.12.2015
Dynamic Scaling in Video Export

Version, 13.11.2015
Bugfix for GSR Metrics in the Professional Edition
In case of missing GSR tags the result table may contain empty values.
The issue shifted entries of the table in some cases, which is now corrected. 

Version 2.0.0
Release of the Professional Edition
The version 2 of the Biometric Software Suite is now available in two editions:

Biometric Software Suite Basic Edition
This editions was already available in version 1. Version 2 now brings new features like a synchonized import wizard for easy handling of the import files for synchronized import. No more manual construction of import folder structures is necessary.

Biometric Software Suite Professional Edition
This edition comes with new operation modules for signal analysis inside the Biometric Software Suite. These are:

  • Signal filters based on Butterworth and sliding average to reduce noise in signals
  • Operations for creating trials based on tags in the signal
  • Averaging over trials
  • GSR detection and metrics
  • Sliding FFT for bands extraction in EEG and corresponding metrics
  • Heartrate calculation from ECG or pulse channels and corresponding metrics

Version, 26.10.2014
Following Moduls added:

  • Workload RT Bridge (needs separate license)
  • Recorder for Emotiv EPOC Headset

Minor bugfixes and extensions in various file importers

Version, 23.04.2014
Bugfix in Tobii Studio Importer. Event data may contain multiline text, which will now be handled correct.

Version, 21.03.2014
First Official Release of the Biometric Software Suite, including Video Export to Tobii Studio and change requests from the beta phase.