Devices supported by inbuild recorder modules

  • Variolab (Becker Meditec)
  • PortaLite (artinis)
  • Emotiv EPOC headset

Supported data formats for data import

  • EDF(+), BDF
  • BrainVision (Brain Products GmbH)
  • Biofeedback 2000 x-pert (Schuhfried GmbH)
  • Varioport (Becker Meditec)

Supported data formats for data export

  • ASCII, for further processing in MATLAB, Octave, R and other software packages
  • Tobii Studio User Video 

Supported devices for sending trigger

  • All devices with inbuild recorder modules (see above) via TCP/IP
  • Tobii Studio via TCP/IP
  • Varioport (Becker Meditec) via TTL-Trigger (additional connection cable needed from Becker Meditec)
  • Mindmedia NeXus
  • Biofeedback 2000 x-pert (Schuhfried GmbH) via RS232 (additional connection cable needed from Schuhfried GmbH)
  • BrainVision Recorder
  • Tobii glasses triggers are supported by our sound sync box

Other devices and data formats

Please contact us for a customized solution for your devices and data formats.